Peruvian Culinary Creatives Primed for Success

Creative Startups announces a new program for Peruvian food entrepreneurs sponsored by the US Embassy in Peru

Creative Startups, the leading global accelerator for creatives, is excited to announce a new Culinary Innovation Challenge for Peruvian creatives. Sponsored by the US Embassy in Peru and created in collaboration with Investa VB, this program is a five-week, cohort-based initiative tailored specifically for Peruvian food and beverage entrepreneurs developing and growing their businesses. Participating food creatives will gain expertise in a range of topics, such as building sales funnels, acquiring new customers, or developing business models. The Culinary Innovation Challenge will take place February and March, with applications opening January 3rd through the 29th. Interested entrepreneurs can sign up to receive more information here

With the expansion of their gastronomical industries over the last few decades, Peru continues to advance as a world-renowned destination for culinary excellence. Peru’s cuisine is unique, mixing cultures and influences and using unique ingredients found in Peru, and it’s this unparalleled flavor that draws tourists and culinary connoisseurs to the area. Supporting up-and-coming food and beverage entrepreneurs in turn bolsters the overall economy and Peru’s distinctive cultural identity.

The US Embassy’s sponsorship of the initiative aligns with their dedication to promoting socially inclusive economic growth and promoting better understanding of the United States through information and cultural programs that reach all Peruvian society. Of the program, Edward Cox, Public Diplomacy Officer at the Embassy, stated, “The United States Embassy believes in fostering economic development in Peru. We think that reactivating the gastronomic sector is of vital importance, and therefore we have invested and continue to invest our efforts, time, and money in training programs for entrepreneurs.”  

Creative Startup’s partnership with Investa VB is key to customizing the program specifically for Peruvian entrepreneurs. Based in Peru, Investa VB bolsters the LatAm startup ecosystem by locating opportunities for startups, helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses and scale. Investa VB’s team has more than 60 years of experience aiding burgeoning small businesses in finding financing, expanding internationally, and innovating, and their current portfolio includes more than 215 startups. Their expertise in both entrepreneurship and the region makes them the perfect collaborator for the Culinary Innovation Challenge.

While this program marks their first work in the Peruvian entrepreneurial ecosystem, Creative Startups has worked with US Embassies across the world, most recently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they offered a pre-accelerator for women-led startups. Creative Startups has served 425 companies from 18 nations, raising over $300 million in USD investments, and creating more than 800 jobs. As the only accelerator working globally with creators and creative entrepreneurs, Creative Startups is uniquely positioned to provide educational opportunities for Peruvian culinary innovators. Alice Loy, CEO and founder of Creative Startups, expressed the importance of Peru’s creative food entrepreneurs, stating that “the culture and creativity of Peruvians is astounding. Working with Peru’s food entrepreneurs—bringing more innovation and new products to more markets— is a natural next step in Peru’s food scene gaining global recognition.”

The Culinary Innovation Challenge is open to Peruvian food and beverage entrepreneurs of all kinds— whether this be chefs, baristas, wine makers, foragers, farmers, beer brewers, food truck owners, bread makers, chocolatiers— Anything food! More information can be found on the application here, and questions can be sent to